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Segways   ! How much fun is that! After ten years of running sightseeing tours around Vancouver we are really getting into our new tours. I just love this! Segways are so much fun it is hard to describe. They are really easy to learn to operate, and of course we train all our new users on how to Glide. That what we call it, Gliding. Sort of like riding one of those conveyer belts they have at the airport, or is it like riding a horse...a bicycle will fall over if you stop balancing. But not a Segway    , like a horse it balances all by itself. Strange but true, and lots of fun. We have arranged many wonderful locations all over the Fraser Valley near Vancouver BC, and we are just waiting for you. Call or email us for a Glide today.
Wild BC Tours and Guiding offers unique tour opportunities across Western Canada. We specialize in private group tours for a truly superior experience. Check us out on Trip Advisor.



My name is Neila Scott. I have been guiding sightseeing tours for many years but never have I had this much fun. Let me show take you for a Glide on the Wild BC side.



See you Soon


Did you know? Segways    are banned from roads in BC and their adjacent sidewalks. Strange, but true. So we always seek unique and interesting places for our tours. The Botanical  Gardens at the University of British Columbia is perfect. 


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